At present, FinTech ecosystem is booming in the Netherlands with lots of companies currently active in this sector. In fact, several factors like a strong financial sector, notable adoption rate in innovative technology and rapidly growing tech startups make the Netherlands an ideal hub for FinTech companies.

For the uninitiated, the word ‘FinTech’ is the combination of “Financial” and “Technology.” FinTech is often referred when the technology is applied in financial service or used to help companies in managing the financial aspects of their business.

Having said that, we have jotted down the list of top 6 FinTech companies from the Netherlands.

#1 Adyen

Founded by Pieter van der Does in 2006, Adyen powers payment for large and smaller e-commerce merchants and others. Based out of Amsterdam, Adyen is the only provider of a modern end-to-end infrastructure connecting merchants directly to Visa, MasterCard, and 250 other payment methods globally.

Adyen is the primary payments provider to eBay and also has other customers including Uber, Netflix, Facebook, Spotify, Etsy, Vodafone, Sephora, Tory Burch, L’Oréal and It has around 668 full-time employees working for the company with offices across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. At present, Adyen serves more than 4,500 businesses. The company has raised a funding amount of € 293 million in four rounds.


#2 Ohpen

Ohpen provides cloud-based core-banking software in a bid to eliminate the constraints of on-premises legacy core banking systems. Founded in 2009, it was built by former retail bankers to administer retail investment and savings accounts. The company has raised a funding amount of €40 million led by private equity firm Amerborgh in two funding rounds.

#3 BUX

Headquartered in Amsterdam, BUX offers an app that makes stock trading accessible and affordable. Started in 2014 by Egbert Pronk, Joost van de Wijgerd, Nick Bortot, and Robbert Bos with a mobile app, it has now over 1.3 million users across eight countries in Europe. Right now, the company is building two new apps for long-term and cryptocurrency investing. The company has raised funding around € 19.7 million in six funding rounds.


Recognized by Gartner as the European market leader, FRISS offers analytics software for fraud, risk, and compliance for P&C insurers. The company helps insurers to achieve profitable portfolio growth and improve their perception in the market for better customer experience. The AI-powered score combines expert business knowledge out of 10+ years of insurance experience, specific business configuration, proprietary data, and external data sources.

Founded by Jeroen Morrenhof in 2006, FRISS has raised € 15.0 million in Series A funding led by BlackFin Capital Partners, Aquiline Technology Growth back in December 2017. Headquartered in Utrecht, the company has 100+ implementations across 17 countries.

#5 Digital Insurance Group

Founded by Ingo Weber in July 2017, DIG operates as a digital insurance platform. As per the company claims, it is the next-gen tech partner to insurers, banks, and brokers as well. Its data-driven insurance platform enables its customers to roll out fully customized mobile-first insurance experiences at record speed.

DIG also works with global banks and other companies that want to offer innovative insurance solutions to their customer base. The company is currently working with clients in multiple countries in Europe and Latin America. The Digital Insurance Group has raised € 15 million in Early VC round led by Finch Capital, Zurich Insurance Group back this June 2018.

#6 Blanco Services

Blanco is all about experienced people who know how to make asset managers and investment firms scalable through modern technology. They have developed a new technology called 60-minute Client Onboarding that will rapidly register your wealth management customer.

In addition to that, the company also built a fully automated ‘Know Your Customer’ tool that determines the risk appetite of your customers through a quick and easy online procedure. Founded by Joost Walgemoed in 2015, the company has raised € 2 million in a Series A round led by KBC, Volta Ventures back in April 2018.

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