Seamore’s founder ordered a seaweed salad in a restaurant and thought they made a mistake: his plate was filled with spinach tagliatelle. Turns out it was a special kind of seaweed. The idea came quickly: what a great way to replace carbs with veggies. And a bigger idea came up: what if there’s more seaweeds that can be used like foods we already know and love?

Our mission is to turn seaweed into an everyday food by offering tasty, healthy and sustainable seaweed alternative to the foods we already love. But how to get it on people’s plates? We are developing a full range of seaweed products in major food categories that are sold in (specialized) retail stores, innovative mainstream retailers and through food service channels in various countries. This year, Seamore is determined to strengthen its position and get more seaweed products into the European market.

Our products started with Seamore’s founder mistaking seaweed for pasta, loved it and decided to fool the rest of the world with I sea pasta. We then discovered a seaweed that turns into bacon when fried: I sea bacon. Now it’s time to upgrade another favorite food with seaweed: I sea wraps! Made with 50% of glorious sea veggies, this fresh tortilla is packed with goodness. The subtle flavor works well with any filling. Ready to roll and eat yourself happy!

With seaweed pasta, bacon and wraps in 750 stores in 6 countries, we are ready to bring this superfood to everybody’s plate and continue the seaweed revolution.

Some seaweed, we seamore

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