Tykn founders Jimmy Snoek and Khalid Maliki.

Tykn’s Ana platform allows organisations to issue tamper-proof digital credentials which remain verifiable forever. Bringing privacy & trust to identity through DIDs, Verifiable Credentials & Blockchain technology.
Users can choose between our mobile or browser-based wallet, allowing them to prove their ID to access services from institutions faster while remaining in full control of what personal data is viewed, shared & stored.
Tykn has raised €1.65MM in private funding from Rockstart, Booking.com’s Founder Kees Koolen, among others and as Founding Steward of Sovrin is currently leading the development of the digital identity backend of the 121 consortium, an initiative of The Netherlands Red Cross for Cash Based Aid, and developing a pilot for the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs & the UN Development Programme, aimed at improving the livelihood of Syrian refugees by enhancing their employment opportunities.
Our team is composed of subject-matter experts formerly holding positions at Thomson Reuters, the Dutch Ministry of Interior, Telefonica and many more, all driven by tech innovation for good. This has led to Tykn winning multiple prizes and awards, including The Dutch Chivas Venture Award (Best Dutch Social Enterprise), where we placed Top 5 in the global competition among a 1000+ startups.
We envision a world where identities are portable, private and secure, so that no one has to lose access to their identity ever again.
Creating a future of opportunity through digital identity. Because people matter

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